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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> we will be able to see change. >> the man behind the attack on a shi'a mosque in kuwait has been identified as a saudi national. we have a live update. i'm martine dennis welcome to al jazeera live from doha. also to come - remember the dead. hundreds gather at a tunisian seaside resort to pay tribute to the victims of friday's massacre the greek parliament votes in favour of a referendum on the bailout deal as the country
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inches towards a default running for their lives - fire ripping through a water park in taiwan injuring more than 500 people. first, the greek parliament decided to back alexis tsipras's call for a referendum on the terms of a new european debt bailout. it's thought the greek people would vote on the bailout terms in a referendum planned for next sunday. the decision has not been welcomed by eurozone's partners and they criticized a move and rejected a request to extend the bail out programme beyond the deadline of june the 30th. greece needs to make a payment to the i.m.f. the international monetary fund by tuesday, or it risks going into default. it brings greece a step closer to a euro exit.
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the impact on the economy could be disastrous as it relies on emergency cash injections. there's a fear that the banks may run out of cash much barnaby phillips has more from athens much >> reporter: a momentous and abbingry moanious de -- acrimonious debate in the greek parliament. at one stage opposition members walked out. buteneded in a vote for a referendum. the prime minister alexis tsipras said it was a chance for the greek people to take back control of their destiny. >> this game finished with the verdict. greek people on 25th and will end next sunday. >> reporter: earlier the opposition leader was withering in his attack arguing that the
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government is recklessly endangering greece's membership of the eurozone. >> translation: the no debt you are proposing an equal to an exit from the euro and eurozone. do not be mistaken it's suicide. in the central market we found support for the prime minister. the weekend is always busy here as athenians stock up for the week ahead. nobody can be sure what the next few days have in store. whether it would even solve greece's problems much. >> let's leave europe now. we've had it with these agreements. >> how am i meant to answer the question when no one explains it. what happens if we go back to the drachma, and what happens if we stay in the euro. >> i think it's a mistake. if we owe so much funny we
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can't afford to be arrow behind. >> meanwhile, unusual cues building up at the cash machines. some depreecks are getting nervous -- greeks are getting nervous. it's not yet panic, but a significant number of greeks are taking no chances with their own money. the government is trying to sound reassuring but the remorseless logic is this - the more greeks take fright the more trouble the banks will be in. the government is appealing for unity. the danger is that greeks are polarized as to how their country can emerge from this crisis okay we can go live to barnaby phillips who is in the greek capital athens. tell us, first of all, the lom tick to holding -- logistics to
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holding this vote. it's a costly exercise. >> it will be a logistical challenge. it's being done under extraordinary circumstances, and as you employ in a fight time frame. i poke to the interior minister and said can you organise this within seven days and he said it will be tough. there are practical problems that we have to overcome this we felt was urgent. that we couldn't wait. i imagine civil servants will go flat out, looking at putting out the vote. typically when greek governments called elections, they've been given 2-3 weeks notice. this is taking place under a tighter time frame and in a drought political atmosphere. >> greek is rattled by the
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24 hours alone. as i said in my report i do see signs, i suppose, of increasing polarization in the society, not only the nervousness at the warnings and by some estimates a billion euro were withdrawn. the majority were closed over the weekend, but the vast majority coming from the cash point machines. will they open as usual. well that depends a lot of throughout the greek crisis. not on ept but elsewhere in the continent. the head of the european central bank pushed into a political position that it would rather not be in.
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whether they give emergency liquidity. he's due to make a decision. and the consequences of this decision on the streets of athness, on other cities -- athens and other cities across the greek islands in will be enormous. >> a critical deadline approaching. thank you barnaby phillips in athness. candles have been lit in the tunisian resort of sousse to remember the 38 people killed on friday. it was held outside the imperial hotel. hundreds marched with banners condemning extremism, and to say no to terrorism. >> terrorism - what happened yesterday doesn't present tunisia, tunisia is hospitality, who are very sorry what what is happen yesterday. sorry for the families the victims, they are our guests our principals, our education
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doesn't education to treat the guests of sun tunisia like that. >> the attacker was a 24-year-old. he was armed with a kalashnikov. there has been conflicting reports as to his affiliation with i.s.i.l. more detail emerging about this man who, if he wasn't working directly for i.s.i.l. seems to have been aproop reeted by -- appropriated by groups affiliated to i.s.i.l. >> that is not clear. the government said there's no known connection between this young man, 23-year-old aviation student, and any known groups. he was not known to have travelled abroad.
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links to social media and i.s.i.l. team to show him with weaponry. there was still an image on social media, and digging through his facebook page and social media. what seems to have emerged is indication of a young man who comes from a kind of middle class background to tunisia. a village mere silly arounda. it's believed that this is possibly where he may have been radicalized or influenced by tom people carrying out this kind of attack. we under from social media that he did put up certain posts, which were supporting the causes. at the moment there's to definitive lining between i.s.i.l. and the young man.
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the motivation what pushed him. and the two attackers were tunisian as well. i spoke to a family member of the attackers, and he told me about the family members affiliation with any kind of group awrote. the government is trying to work out what caused this young student to carry out the attack. >> live in tunis. thank you. >> reporter: many tourists left the resort town but the owner of the hotel says he's determined to keep his doors open. hashem ahelbarra reports. >> reporter: this man is deal with the biggest crisis in his career. his family owns the imperial
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hotel. where 38 tourists were killed in an attack. he shows me where the gunman came from and started randomly firing at the guests. he says he's determined to keep the hotel running to honour the memory of those killed. >> as you can see, there is maybe 50 tourists who are still at the hotel. i would say that even if we have zero tourists in the next week. or in two days, we are not closing the hotel. this woman has been a waitress of the hotel since it was 22 years ago. she knows the victims and treats the guests as if it was members of her family. >> translation: as the bodies of victims were laying on the ground, i was rushing from place to place to see if they were alive. i never treat people as clients. we are one family.
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>> most of the tourists left the hotel. only a few chose to stay. the impact on tourists is felt everywhere. this man had a business. it was a good business. when sousse was bustling with tourists. now he barely makes a few dinars to buy food for the children. >> translation: tourism is almost gone, i spend hours waiting for clients, and hardly anyone shows up. i have five kids. bad times. >> reporter: bad times indeed. for tunisian tourism. for investors, the only way to protect tourism is have the government beef up security across the country. >> it's a tough moment for a country trying to restore its image as a peaceful tour of
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the destinationing all that is under threat after tourists were shot as they lay on the beach kuwait says a man that carried outside a suicide attack on a mosque was a saudi national and he has been identified. police say he was driven by this man, who has been detained on saturday. mass funerals took place on saturday for the 27 that were killed in the attack. mohammed jamjoom has more. >> reporter: a funeral procession unlike any before it demonstrating defines, sorrow. mourners prayed for the dead and prayed through the pain. >> translation: our whole lives
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in kuwait we've been united, one hand, one heart. this is like a nightmare. >> this woman lost relatives in a suicide bombing that targeted a mosque. and said it was too hard to take. >> translation: why, why why did they die or did it happen to them. >> reporter: if the attack target a shia mosque was meant to sou religious stif -- sow religious strikes, it had the opposite effect. bringing two communities closer. the attack was more than one sect or another. >> translation: we are all one here, there's no sunni or shi'a. we are all one and this is about all of us. >> reporter: one by one the bodies when buy, as men and women processing it they could
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not imagine happening. the sentiment of this graveyard, shock and grief, a society accustomed to feeling secure, contending with a new reality. above all else, the bereaved wanted to honour the members of the dead. >> translation: my tears have not stopped flowing from yesterday until today. i have not stopped crying much >> reporter: their grief, this woman tells me, will last for a long while. their resilience, she assures me, will remain forever. still to come here at al jazeera - an act of defiance becomes a symbolic moment as an activist takes down the confederate flag in south carolina plus a burning issue for palau, how the tiny nation is
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getting tough on illegal fishing.
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hello again. these are the top stories at al jazeera. kuwait says a man that carried out a suicide attack on a moving on friday was a saudi arabian national. he has been identified. on saturday mass funerals took place for the 27 people killed in the attack details are emerging about the 38 people killed in the tunisian resort of sousse as a
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vigil was held outside the hotel where the attacks took place. greek m.p.s backed alexis tsipras's call for a referendum on a propose add bail out. he's facing the possibility of a default on tuesday that could bring it closer to leaving the eurozone. >> we can speak to an associate professor of law. first of all, i'm rather your cows as to what exactly the greek people will be voting on -- i'm rather curious as to what exactly the greek people will be voting on given the original proposal is off the table. what will they be voting for? >> hi this is a problematic situation for several reasons. one is that the terms fall on
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tuesday. we don't have money to organise this referendum and we don't have enough time to organise the referendum. there's practicingic problems. at the same time there's no offer, and this is also an extremely risky move. that of course is what the leader of the opposition antony samar as is accusing the government of doing, engaininging in reckless behaviour. this is appealing to developmentic rights going to the people to have their say as to their relationship with europe. >> the argument is valid. but the timing it bad. i was one of the few people who
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supported the referendum. it would have been a great idea. now. with short endeavour between this weekend and the referendum. this is not going well. everyone can see this. on the conditions for this referendum. effectively this is what has been said that any referendum in grease in this period is effectively a yes or no to continuing with the eurozone project. >> exactly. it will be a yes or no but at the same time a referendum. greek people will decide on
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issue a and b. it's greece remaining or not in the eurozone. the issue a is the non-existent offer or threat as you might want to call it from the cd tors our partners. -- creditors, our partners. >> thank you for talking to us live. >> more than 500 people have been injured after a fire broke out at a music event. flames erupted causing party goers to run for their lives. many suffered serious burns, as erica wood reports. >> around 1,000 people were dancing to a d.j. at a water park when coloured theatrical powder thrown from a stage
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ignited. amateur footage shows that within seconds crowd members closest to the stage were engulfed in a fireball. they ran to get away. more than 500 suffered burns, especially to the lower legs. >> everywhere was running and pushing each other. it was like hell. >> reporter: almost 200 were reported injured, and some in a critical condition. one 18-year-old is said to have burns to 90% of his body. >> translation: everyone was creaming and bleeding. there was blood everywhere. >> reporter: parr metrics caught to the scene. others made their way to the closest hospitals. in the morning following the accident emotional parents of victims arrived to be by their bedside. >> a small child who had gone
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out to have fun. >> reporter: many from the crowd are suffering injuries the exact cause of the fireball is being investigated but police are questioning the organizers of the event. and taipei's mayor announced a ban on the coloured powder used at public event now, an african-american american woman has been arrested in south carolina after climbing a state poll and removing the confederate flag. bree newsome and supporters say the flag is a symbol of white supremacy that inspired the church killings in charleston. nine black church members were killed in the attack. pictures of the gunmen holding the confederate flag were found online all right. let's go back to one of our
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major stories, and that is the revelation that the suicide bomber that carried out the attack has been identified as coming from saudi arabia. we can talk to our correspondent in kuwait city. the kuwaiti authorities moved quickly on this and managed to find a few details about the man behind the attack on the mosque. yes, that's right. the man is identified as a saudi citizen. authorities say he entered by plane, before it took the lives of 27 people. he's been identified as a saudi citizens, and one thing we can say offer the last couple of days is the kuwaiti authorities have been very quick to try to identify anybody
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behind this to try to arrest them. yesterday we heard that the driver and the owner of the vehicle used in that horrific mosque attack that they had been arrested the day before that on friday, within hours of the mosque bombing. kuwaiti bombers said several suspects were detained and questioned in relation to the bombing. in information released today they are saying that more details will be revealed soon that the investigation is still ongoing, but this is very clearly a push by the kuwaiti authorities to let the region and the world know that they are quickly trying to identify everybody who is behind this that they are trying to protect kuwaitis. we know the country is on a heightened state of alert. security forces have been played, not just the land borders, but the maritime borders, because there is concern by many of the people i
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spoke with and those at the funeral, there is concern that kuwait could be a target again in the days or weeks to come. >> i wonder whether the kuwaitis derive comfort from the fact that the man beyond the atrocity is not local and goms from a different -- comes from a different country, albeit from the g.c.c. reason. >> that's a good question. yesterday when we were at the burial site the graveyard, practically everybody said they believed it would be found out that the perpetrator of this crime was not a kuwaiti. there's probably a sense of relief, but there's an investigation ongoing, and whether kuwaitis may have participated, it's yet to be determined. >> thank you very much. our correspondent in kuwait city now to the pacific island of
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palauing -- palau, fighting back against illegal fishing. >> reporter: the vietnamese boats were spotted in palau waters last month. on board eight tonnes of sea cue kum bers and fish destined for the mash. the vessels were toed out to asian waters never to be used again. palau is clamping down hard. in the last year 15 vietnamese boats have been captured with 25 tonnes of protected species on board. >> there are four vessels burning right now, and the message is palau is no longer an option for voters it has a marine line enforcement team and we guarantee that you will return with nothing if you are caught stealing.
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>> reporter: palau is a tropical archipelago, lying in the midst of vast waters an easy tart for illegal fishing boats. it is seeking to protect rich seas creating a marine conservation zone putting 80% off limits to commercial fishing. for a nation calling itself an ocean state rather than an island state. palau is defending its lifeblood. >> everything that drives palau's economy, food security national security involves the ocean in some way. with porous borders in indonesia, it's easy for the vessels to sleep in and out of palau's waters. there's a lot to poach. >> vietnamese fibber men were released and sen on their way on two boats loaded with fuel.
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the captain remains in custody. palau hopes the billowing system of defines has the desired effect to keep the poaches out. >> there's a lot of developing stories, all those on the website. >> june 2010, fighting erupts between the uzbek and kyrgyz communities of southern kyrgyzstan. the violence spreads from osh to nearby towns. >> they came and started looting houses killing people. systematic theft, dest


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